Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Currently Coveting

I have wanted a leather jacket for the last 3 years, 
but most are black which I cannot wear with my pale skin,
 too long in the arm (very long arms) too tight in the arm (?butch arms), 
hard leather blah, blah, blah, but also I have never been happy to part with the money.
My frugal gene kicks in!
 I can even be at the till and change my mind! Guilt!

But, just look at this navy beauty. 
If it is like the other jackets I have tried on in Oasis in black, it will be the softest leather,
 fit me well and not make me look like death warmed up ;-)

I am justifying it constantly - ha!

It will last me years
I will wear it loads
It will go with everything 
It can be dressed up
It can be dressed down 
Great transitional piece
Soften with age
Look better with age
You get the picture??

What are you currently coveting?


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