Thursday, 28 November 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (7 & 8/52)

Joining two weeks together this week due to escaping last week with a friend!

Jen writer of  Little Birdie blog started this hop over a year ago, 
but I loved the idea & decide to do the same!

So here we go - eight happy moments (some may not have been moments!)

  • Picked this little soft toy up in Ikea - they are doing a selection of them for charity - & well, it has antlers, hehe (stag fetish overdrive!!)
  • Kept wondering why stag (moose) kept falling off the bookcase - discovered why - Olly! He is now very grubby ;-0
  • This lovely crochet angel - found in France I just love the simplicity, the craftsmanship, that it's unusual & a bargain  at 4 Euro!
  • My Daughter may be 19 (next week) but I have still done an advent calendar for her. This year it's Kinder chocolate (from France) in the Advent calendar we have had for years and was made by my clever Mama!
  • Deciding what to do with these absolutely beautiful French Christmas postcards - posted to loved ones in the 1940's & 50's.
  • Posting a gift to my French friends - it arrived the day I left for France! It is a Vistaprint calendar 2014 containing memories of our holiday together to Scotland in September. Really lovely gift, simple to add your photo's in and good quality too!  Forgot to take a photo - gggggrrrrrr
  • Adding drops of this gorgeous oil (baby talc smell!) to a damp flannel on the radiator in the hall when I don't light a candle. You have to smile when you smell baby smell!!
  • The beginnings of the Festive Season....
  • This sight that met me as I ascended the Metro in Paris with a good friend :-)

Hope you have had smiley moments this week!

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