Monday, 18 November 2013

Awesome Autumn

I LOVE Autumn - my favourite time of year - & now definitely fully fledged!

I have had my camera with me constantly over the last couple of weeks, 
wanting to capture the things that say Autumn 
has REALLY arrived for me.

Sad that photographs cannot capture the stillness & chill in the air, 
warm breath in the cold air, leaves crunching underfoot 
& the smell of warming alcohol beverages - YUM!

Here's what I'm loving this Autumn :-)

Real fires
Building wood stores

Cosy cushions
The evening ritual of lighting candles
Last flowers of Summer clinging on...
My AGA, the heart & soul of my kitchen - 
she knows everybody's secrets - sssshhhhssshhh
Downton Abbey - ooohhh it's been 'Nitty Gritty!'
Loving Sunday Evening's :-)
Leaves crunching underfoot
Cheeky chilly day warm-ups ;-)
Film marathons - 60p each bargains!

Reading books that have been on my shelf oh, too long...
An Autumnal colour feast everywhere you look :-)
Pumpkins - soup, roasted, risotto...
Boots & cosy socks or even leg-warmers!!
Hot chocolate (& chocolate :-0)
Scarves in varying shades to mix it up a bit!
& of course Fairylights!

What are you loving about Autumn?


  1. So gutted Downton Abbey is finished! Loving your 60p bargains, I'm always picking up DVD's in Tesco for £3 each, love a Sunday afternoon movie xx

    1. Amazon bargains believe it or not! I'm sure there are lots of cosy movie days heading towards us! Xx

  2. Love all your photos! If I'm not buying cushions it's candles....can't resist!! Hope you got your new one btw:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. I'm the same Anne - terrible affliction! Haha! & yes I did! Have a good week, Xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love cosy Autumn days - bright sunshine with a nip in the air. Love the AGA!!! XXX

  4. Thanks Claire - Autumn is just the best season! Love YOUR Aga - & I have serious kitchen envy! XX