Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Children's Choices

As your children grow up they have many different choices to make. 

Quite often we influence those choices, often there are battle's, 
sometimes you may simply say "no" or the result may be a compromise.

But, as a parent you almost always support your children even if you are not 
completely au-fait with choices they have made.

You go to all their first's, watch them in their concerts, shows, nativities. 

You stand freezing at the side of the ménage 
worried they are going to be booted off the horse.
Or at the hockey match worried they are going to be hit in the face with a stick.
 You drive everywhere so they can enjoy new experience's. 
You get involved. 

Your children grow up, that juxtaposition between teenager and adult, they need you, they don't need you. The transition is difficult for parent and child. 

They make their own choices, they may hear what you say, they may allow you to give some guidance, they might act on advice, almost always they will do what they want!

So, my beautiful Daughter 'A' started to attend boxing classes, initially for fitness. 
This led to sparring and the realisation that she was good and fast. 

When approached by the Coaches at the gym about actually fighting she came home and discussed it and needless to say, I was not keen.

 I tried to talk her out of it, persuade her, even bribe her,
but it was something she loved, it made her feel GOOD.

Her first fight was on Saturday, I felt sick with nerves, lots of people gave advice, 
"don't go and watch" "let her papa go" "tell her she cant do it"!!?? 

Most people said they would not go to watch if it was their Daughter.

So Saturday came - what did I do?
 I went along, of course I did! Because that's what a Mama does! 
& I was so proud and frightened all at the same time.
I shouted, I cheered - I surprised myself. 
She had to know that I support her choices in life - & I do!

Sssssshhhhhh, I also know, that those who said they would not go if it was 
their Daughter definitely would!

Just a few images taken on the night.

Last time I was in this room was at a Ladies Event two weeks ago!!
(It's a beautiful place).

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