Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Neom Candles

I mentioned here that I had won an absolutely gorgeous Neom Candle.

I am a lover of Melt Candles normally, but having had this candle for a couple of weeks
 I'm beginning to understand the virtues of Neom candles which the 
lovely ladies in the shop where I won it shared with me  ;-)

  • Burn until the wax touches the sides then blow out - because the candle is made with pure organic essential oils the scent will remain long after you blow the candle out.
  • Each large candle burns cleanly for up to 55 hours due to it being made from pure essential oils and vegetable wax.
  • When you breath in the scent it is like an aromatherapy treatment - Neom are used in lots of beauty establishments.
  • Dip your fingers into the vegetable wax as it melts and massage into your hands - they will be beautifully soft and smell gorgeous!
  • Run a bath, blow out the candle and pour the wax that's melted into the bath - aromatherapy bath - sumptuous!

The candle I won is the Christmas Wish: Home Candle.
 "All the darkness in the World cannot put out the light of one small candle".

Who knew?


  1. Sounds and looks heavenly. You can't beat a beautifully scented candle.

    X x

    1. It really is - thanks for stopping by and commenting! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe if you are a good girl???? But, Santa seems to get meaner as I get older lol! XX