Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Crafty Makes

I do like to be creative, always have, for me this blog, the writing 
and the curation of photos allows me to do that. 

On Sunday I had some spare time, so decided to make a simple gift for some special people.

I have made these before in a larger format, they are easy to make but can take a while to do.
You could make it easier with ready painted frames.

To start I have an old Atlas of The World (good old Reader's Digest!), 
a foam heart, some thick coloured card and a box picture frame.

I painted the frames with some lovely gold paint I had lurking.

I then draw around the country (using the heart) that means something to the person I am making for - in this case Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.

 I found in the Atlas a Cairngorm Mountains heart forgotten about, but know someone who would like this - so I need to go and buy another frame!!

Next I mount them on the card using crafting spray glue :-) 
place a dozen heavy books on top for 24 hours to dry and hold in position!
Et Voila - 
A simple gift for a beautiful couple!

Whilst the paint brushes were out I decided to give a quick coat of 
varnish to a typography I had bought.

These have been a popular home accessory for a while and until now I hadn't succumbed -
 but this one sang to me and shall be hung in the bathroom (hence the varnish).

I will show it properly hung in its new home ;-)

LOVE productive weekends!
How about you?

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