Saturday, 30 November 2013

Autumn in Paris Part 1

 I had the most wonderful time in Paris and at my friends in Montargis with 'J'.
It was lovely to see her face as she took in all that Paris has to offer.

We arrived about 10.00pm, dumped our bags and were
 straight out, to eat, drink and walk!

This is the sight that met us as we ascended the Metro - beautiful.
On the hour blue lights twinkle all over :-) Magical

Have always wanted to ride one of the many carousels throughout Paris...still waiting
 We found a lovely cosy restaurant near to Trocadero - the ceiling was *amazing*
 Next morning we were up extra early to go up the Eiffel Tower - 
the lift to the second floor was broken :-0 So, we walked!!
Some of the sights from the top! After our LONG walk!
 Fffffffrrreeezing, we enjoyed Vin Chaud, Mmmmmmm
Velo's - all over the City, such a great way to travel....
Lovely garden's around the Eiffel Tower
 We then walked down to Trocadero with it's magnificent waterfountains......
.....before catching the Bato-Bus which due to the high levels of rain was only stopping at 4 
of the usual stops as the boat would not fit under the bridges further up the Seine!!
Some views along the way to the Gardens of Versaille & Le Louvre
 Lovely walk in the gardens en-route to the Place de la Concorde
A place to sit and rest - you need to in this City...

More to follow - went a little wild with the camera!
Thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. Fabulous photos! I would love to visit Paris sometime:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, you must! It is a fabulous place to visit - my favourite area is having it's own post! Xx

  2. I agree with Anne, can't believe I've never been! Your pictures are gorgeous, so glad you had a fab time x

    1. Thanks Sharron - until last year I had never visited London, but had been to Paris umpteen times - I would now like to spend more time in London, especially as it has been voted Best European City with Paris third! Xx