Thursday, 21 November 2013

Paris Bound

I have a lovely friend 'J' who has had a really really tough time lately 
(read past couple of years).

She is a friend to many with a, erm, wacky persona shall we say!

She has just ended her marriage of 30 years. 
Since a young age she has been in a partnership which two years ago she 
decided she no longer wanted to be part of.

It has taken until last Friday for her divorce to come through 
enabling her to leave the family home. 

Her  name was not on the mortgage of the house she had put so much in to, 
therefore English Law says that if she left she relinquished any right to the property, 
so she has had to stay in the house in an estranged relationship, until the Courts granted her 
what is rightfully hers.

So to today - 'J' stands on the precipice of a happier life, her own home, a puppy!!!!
 answerable to herself only. 

She is brave, is going to have to continue being brave, but has the 
support of her Son's, friends and family.

She has belief and people believe in her - she has come so far but has to keep looking forward. 

She is happy, elated even, but so frightened. 

Many people stay in far from perfect relationships, because of fear, 
I am so happy that 'J'
 made her choice and stuck to it.

So, we are off to Paris (in 2 hours!!)- not to celebrate her divorce - 
 this trip was booked when it was looking like everything was going to be over with seven months ago - but, hell yeah, to celebrate with 'J' the start of her new life and rediscovery of herself.

On a side note 'J's Son & Daughter-in-Law had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!
Double Champagne!

Au Revoir!