Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moroccan Argan Oil

I have very thin, fine hair - cue envy of women with luscious locks 
and lots of hair, especially if wavy!!

A couple of weeks ago I had some slices of colour added to my hair
 - red, blonde and bleach.

Since then, no matter what shampoo or conditioner I have used I look
 like Wurzel Gummidge when I get out the shower.

 I then proceed to literally DRAG a comb through it before adding a handful of hair to the bin!

Yesterday I COULD NOT face doing this again and remembered I had a sample bottle of  Moroccan Argan Oil.

I was a little dubious, because of fine, thin hair and my hair ending up a greasy mess, 
but WOW - its fantastic, my hair is so silky soft, the comb slid through no messing,
 no greasy mess and my hands were so moisturised too! My hair looked so *healthy*.

I know this is a popular product but had no idea why!
Who else uses Argan Oil?


  1. I use Morrocan oil and love it. It doesn't make my hair greasy but helps it from looking frizzy and just gives it a healthy sheen.

  2. I'm just loving it, have to buy full size product now!
    Thanks for stopping by & making time to comment :-) Xx