Friday, 3 January 2014

52 Weeks of Happy (12/52 & 13/52)

Here goes, combining the last two weeks - 
eight moments that have brought a smile to my face
or made me feel warm inside!

  • Finishing work on Christmas Eve & coming home to this beautiful bouquet from my lovely Mr.L (& a clean & tidy house - worth working Christmas Eve!!!)
  • Seeing the Christmas cake slowly being demolished - enjoyed by all!
  • Walking with my Pap & seeing how much pleasure he get's spending time with Olly - still missing his old faithful Springer Spaniel Barney...
  • My Mama playing chess with the boy ;-)
  • A new recipe - Ham cooked in coca cola, topped off with cloves, treacle, mustard & brown sugar - yumyumyum - try it it's delicious!
  • We let these two cuties in for a warm & a run around quite a bit accidents as yet haha.
  • Love this pic - Olly nose to nose with Peter - nature versus nurture in every possible sense....
  • 'C' (aka best friend ever!!!) & I so treated ourselves when we bought these in Selfridges - soooooo cute - here's to a New Year, hic!

So tell me - what simple things have made you smile?

* This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog - drop by!


  1. Lovely photos - it's such a good tonic to think about the things that make you smile. For me, it's been the kids this past week. Playing monopoly together (a first for the 5 year olds), going splashing in the puddles on a country walk and making a movie with their dad & cousin - that didn't just make me smile, it made me laugh out loud! Precious family time Ax

    1. They grow much too quick Avril - & yes precious, XX

  2. Hello Vikki !! It's Caroline, Florent's girlfriend ! I make a blog too.

    1. Hi Caroline you're photo's are wonderful - I will definitely keep dropping by, XXX

  3. Gorgeous photos and they make me miss Christmas already! Happy New Year Lovely! xx

    1. & to you too Amanda - so happy you dropped by - your's is the first blog I discovered - back then I didn't realise what I had stumbled across. Love it now as much as I did then! Xx