Saturday, 25 January 2014

52 Weeks of Happy (16/52)

It's been a funny week, busy, in fact time has flown, but I have felt SO tired!
Amazing how one week you feel so full of energy and then *meh*....

So, four moments that have made me this week!

  • Starting a new 10 week running course and 26 people turning up on the first night! Wow - bit frantic but definitely one to put a smile on my face :-)
  • My friend managing to bag tickets before they sold out to the first ever Radio 6 Music Festival Line Up here, especially looking forward to seeing Haim
  • Friday night perfection! Wine, popcorn and the Shoequeen Tamara Mellon, who incidentally liked one of my Instagram pic's - well it was of her book - but all the same - Tamara Mellon - eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!
  • More Run Leader Training - spending this morning with a fabulous group of inspirational people - and coming away buzzing with ideas :-D

So, it would be wonderful to hear what's made you smile this week?

* This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog - drop by!


  1. Woo hoo! Can't wait for Haim! xx

    1. Suze, how quick off the mark were you.....all sold out now. Three lucky gals we are!! Let's rock! :-) XXXX