Sunday, 12 January 2014


I don't make New Year resolutions, I've said it before, 
but I do have a few hopes for this year.

The big one is to sell our home, to downscale, still have enough bedrooms for the kids to have a space too, but by downscaling we will be afforded more freedom, from looking 
after this very old house of ours but also paying family bills for just us two!

With this in mind it is also time to scale back belongings, clothes, books, 
furniture, pots and pans - the list goes on.

 I am definitely not a hoarder, but things just *accumulate*.
It is also difficult to get the rest of the family to embrace scaling back!

 Last year I read a fabulous book - The Joy of Less by Francine Jay - then went through the house like a dose of salts, while everyone watched absolutely aghast.

The area I didn't get round to was clothes - so yesterday I hit my wardrobe!
Hooks on the side of my wardrobe hold jackets & gilets which are worn regularly.
Scarves are on a rail on the side of the wardrobe.
& bags on hooks inside the wardrobe door....
...along with belts.
Pile for charity...
 Boots for Ebay - see how they go - never sold shoes on Ebay before...
 Ebay for this lot!
 These are to try on, then decide....

So this is what went on Ebay (for now - more to go on next week!)
6 tops
3 belts
2 scarves
1 vintage suede jacket
1 poncho
1 pair trousers
1 cardigan

Who else is downscaling? Who has sold on Ebay before?Any tips to share?XX


  1. I hate selling on ebay but have to do it purely to get rid of stuff or if I want to make funds to go towards new purchases. It's such a pain though, good luck x

    1. Most have bids now - just have to make sure I've got parcel bags etc. to post off asap. Have you ever used Hermes instead of Royal Mail to send things you've sold? Everyone says loads cheaper....XX

  2. The Joy of Less. I haven't read it but it sounds like a book I'm ready for. As I prepare to relocate I'm overwhelmed by how much I've collected over the years. I don't even know where to begin, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Lesley, it is a great book! My friend has read it twice and when I visited her I went "Where's all your stuff gone??" She turned round and went " The Joy of Less" lol!!
      Thanks for dropping by, Happy Sunday, Vikki Xx