Sunday, 5 January 2014

Naughty Sales Treat One

Sale time!! I don't really buy many clothes.
Whenever I do buy it will be a purchase I have thought hard about.
How I will wear it, when I will wear it.

Usually it is something I have seen at full price and loved,
 as is the case with the Mint Velvet gilet's below. I will then keep checking back to see if they have been reduced - patience is a virtue! 25% off - yesss!

 I wasn't sure about size, style or colour so with free returns I ordered three to try at my leisure :-) With faux sheepskin and leather trim, they are exceptional quality. I wear gilet's lots as I don't like to feel restricted on my arms whilst wanting a nice warm core!

This is the grey colourway, so cosy, the neck pulls right up and buckles - *love!*
Nice deep pockets, double breasted & little design details that make the difference.
Cream colour, not as keen, tiny pockets.
& this! Didn't look much in the box, but lovely on, 
the leather buckle detail is gorgeous, but with my sensible head
I decided to return as I have a fur gilet - just not as nice, gggrrr!
So, as you can guess I chose the grey - I'm a grey kinda gal! Ha!

Who else has treated themselves in the sales?
Sales Treat Two Coming Soon!

Mint Velvet Sale - Worth A Look!


  1. Gorgeous gilet although I would have been happier if you had got a better reduction. I like your sales shopping ethos, it's always good to plan ahead what you want to buy x

  2. Oh Sharron don't - the guilt will creep in!!! Maybe I should have waited a bit, but then run the risk of them selling out.....Thanks for dropping by XX