Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye!

Today the earth has completed yet another epic journey around the sun. It's time to look forward, fresh starts, new beginnings, new hopes & dreams.
I can hardly believe 2013 has passed! Time definitely does fly. 
As year's go 2013 was a good one! Some challenges but we need those don't we? 
Children sent to keep us on our toes and life interesting!!

New Year's Eve we also had a full moon which hasn't happened for 19 years. 
A really good time to think about what your hopes are for the coming year. 

Set goals, think about starting new projects, spend time thinking what you hope to achieve in 
2014 and focus on new beginnings. Don't be scared - just do it!

I say this but also know it is the hardest time to stick to New Year resolutions  - we are supposed to be keeping warm in our caves, eating comfort food with a nice fat store until the Spring - 
so now is best to *plan, think, not do!*

Create magic this year!! 

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