Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Day Walk

Whilst the lazy b**gers of my household slept yesterday morning I took myself 
off for a walk with the pup!

It's lovely to have an epic walk in the area you live rather than getting in the car - 
I saw something I have not seen before, just by taking a detour ;-)

My local park is split into two areas by a road, one I walk regularly, 
one I haven't been to in a while....Olly absolutely loved exploring!
Wooden sculpture's (my Nephew's will love these)!
A place to rest! If you can jump high enough....
Lovely detail - reminded me of Alice in Wonderland
The area I live is very wet due to water running off the Moor's,
we have lots of waterfalls, brooks & streams
"Just throw the stick!"
Walking further I found these - had no idea what they are!!
Of course! Wallpaper tree's - all in traditional designs -
 look closely and you can see brushed & hammered metal detail. 
They reflect the light & shadow beautifully.
 I bet they look different again on a sunny day.
Now, please allow me to indulge my love of Olly! :-)

Thank's for dropping in - 
Who else walked on New Year's Day?

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