Sunday, 26 January 2014

Beginner Running Group Week One

Bit of a punt here but I thought I would share the ten week 
Walk to Jog to Run Group that I lead along with a guy called Alex.

We had training from UK Athletics via Run England. 
We are both keen runners and make a great team - Alex is an ultra runner taking part in events like THIS - mad as a box of frog's he is - I like mad people!! :-) 

& me - I like to do a bit of trail, a bit of road - with the emphasis on how I feel - 
NOT the mileage...which I hope to pass on to our runner's....

So, above is week 1 - always a variation in our group!

We did a warm up within a circle, walking around, bit of a jog, then call out a number and the group did the action relating to the number, for example "Number 4" was turn around, "Number 1" clap above your head.

We also played tig, yes really, shouting our name when tigged to get to know each other. It's fantastic to see a load of adults dodging and ducking, squealing and laughing - 
moving & being a little bit competitive without even realising it!!! 

At the end of the session we also cool down, really important and we encourage all our group to take part, stretching out and slowing down - breathing.

Yesterday I went on further Run Leader Training - and have been left buzzing 
to introduce some new ideas to the group.

You can join a Run England group & have fun :-) all over the Country

Some more Beginner Running Programmes below;

What do you think - yay or a nay?


  1. Sounds like fun, wish there was something like it in my area! x

    1. Hi Sharron, there could be.....use the Run England Run Finder link. Can't promise they'll play tig though!! Xx