Monday, 13 January 2014

Magic Little Plate

Just had to share this cute little piece of kitchenware my Son bought me for Christmas.

He got it at the Christmas Market in Manchester. It's a grating plate, 
used for over a century in Spain, France, Italy......

Hand made and painted, I think it's beautiful - my boy couldn't wait to tell me all about it & what it could do!! It grates, grinds, zests & purees....

Gorgeous strong colours, reminiscent of pottery often found in Spain, 
I did a google and you can find them in this country in loads of 
different colours to suit every kitchen - a thing of beauty :-)

As you can see from the pictures it IS really effective, it retains the juice of the 
garlic which is often lost when using a press.

So all you culinary whizzes who I'm sure read this blog ;-0
would this little plate find a place in your kitchen?


  1. I have something very similar - but painted with sunflowers from Provence. I do use it occassionally but find it incredibly difficult getting the garlic purée from between the "teeth" How do you get the puréé out?

    1. Hello! I use a pastry brush to get the puree out - it work's really well, I dampen it a little first.
      Thanks for dropping by, XX