Friday, 7 March 2014

Weekend Wander's

 I recently visited Haworth Art Gallery, as my friend was 
exhibiting there, amongst other students following a trip to Africa. 

The gallery is a beautiful old building, with creaking wooden floors, old leaded windows
 & a grand return staircase. outdoor pics, it was peeing it down!!

This clay and mixed media exhibition was thought provoking, some of the pieces I adored, particularly the depiction of Gustav Klimt's passionate 'Kiss', babies in the womb, the wonder of life, little miracles with their little rosebud lips & all tucked up....adorable.
Sculptors Tony Bingham & Ann Maria Rimmer.

Now the following is so wonderful, crazy, messes with your head!!!
Woolly Thoughts Illusion Knitting by Steve Plummer & Pat Ashworth.

Walking in to the exhibition, you are greeted by a roomful of two colour stripe rugs, hung on the wall, lovely colours, nothing special, BUT, move to look side on and images of Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo, Nefertiti appear. Blew.Me.Away.

Pendle Witch, whoooooo

My favourite piece by my friend was this - the herd protecting the young, 
beautifully captured, a gift!

There was other media on show from the trip to Africa, I was really taken with 
these paintings, again captured beautifully - a passing moment. 

The little boy's eyes on his mothers back, wonderment. 

The older baby being a little rough with his mum's breast 
containing precious milk, all his!

Just wanted to show this rooflight glass artwork.....

& this....wasn't sure what it was initially, but the colours attracted me in. 
Simple, effective, made by children using paint & plastic bottle bottoms, 
then stapled together. Fabulous yes?

Anyone else like to wander around art gallery's on wet, windy weekend's? 

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