Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Watch.This.Space.Boutique Leicester

Visited my boy in Leicester this weekend. I love a mooch around the city. 
My favourite part is St. Martin's Square - lots of little independent, unusual boutiques. 
& guess what? There was a new one in the square! 
Not only that, its a brilliant find for picking out bit's for the Wedding of Kris & Leanne!

sells unusual bespoke, limited edition design pieces, curated by the designer owner from other independent designer's providing a place to display & sell.

A feast for the senses....I loved it all:-)


  1. Gosh, some very unusual items. I would how many headdresses they sell?

    X x

  2. Really unusual. My son's girlfriend looked so good in a headdress & may wear one for the Western Wedding in June we are going to! Thanks for calling by! Xx