Monday, 17 March 2014

Pretty Girlie

My friend 'J' recently moved into a new home.
She needed a new start, a fresh page, for life to begin anew.
She has embraced turning her house into home with renewed energy & is loving every minute, displaying beautiful objects she has created the most girlie French 
inspired bedroom I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping in ('J' is also very generous!)
 Treasured memento's - Parisian Postcard's
 Yes, I can imagine bubbles whilst reclining on the sumptuous bed!
 Prettily wrapped soaps - too nice to use....
 Another slice of Paris - such a lucky carboot find!
 We all need pretty shoes!!
 Choosing outfits is even nicer with wardrobe interiors like this!
 Pretty blouse hung ready for the house warming party...
 How gorgeous does the refraction of light through the bed-knobs look?
 So pretty :-)
It certainly is...

Thankyou for dropping by - 
Hope you've enjoyed this pretty post?


  1. What a charming room! I especially love the wardrobe interior, that's such a nice touch.

  2. Thankyou Renée, it really is! Lovely of you to drop by & comment, xx