Saturday, 1 March 2014

52 Week's of Happy (21/52)

Continuing to chase my tail this week -
but looking forward to some calm next week!
Everything happens at once, including nights out...
Sharing 4 moments that have made me smile over the last week!

  • This little kilner containing tasty homemade flavoured vodka made by a lovely friend, as a schnifter before bed, yummy & waiting to be drunk!
  • Planning a getaway spa day with fab friends :-)
  • A night out with the girls here to celebrate a special lady's birthday...
  • How beautiful is this? From my lovely 'C' (bestest ever!) Represents roots, grounding, strength, life & love to me!

How was your week?

* This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog - drop by!