Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Worth The Wait

Take a look at these! I love, love, love them! 
New in at Clarks they are really good quality, leather lined, really 
comfy and less than half the price of other skater shoes. 
Animal print gorgeousness, can't wait to get out in them...
 Two more styles to choose from too :-) So stylish.....
Even the sole is eye catching!

Initially wary of trying out this trend for fear of looking like I have feet the size of a barge, I'm so glad I took the plunge & pressed the button!

Anyone else embraced the 'skater' trend?

More Clarks footwear here & here. Cool rug from Urban Outfitters :-)


  1. Love these, Clarks are doing good this season! Love the rug too! x

  2. They really are Sharron! The rug will be leaving soon with my daughter! Empty nest.....xx

  3. So great that they are leather lined usually these types of shoes are not. Must take a look at them

    1. Hi Inge, hope you managed to take a look at the other styles & you liked! Xx