Thursday, 27 March 2014


The internet is awash with selfies - 
Loads of people take them, especially users of social networks.
& me....& probably you!

The last week or so Cancer Research has benefited hugely from the campaign #nomakeupselfie - simple to do, take a pic of yourself, post to your social network, using the hashtag & text the word 'BEAT' to 70099 - over 8 million pounds has been raised to fund lifesaving research - WOW!

Lots of people will #selfie without even thinking about it, reaction to it not crossing minds, potential comments it may bring not considered, but for young people a #selfie can be a really big deal. 

Young people will spend ages perfecting their selfie, right lighting, positioning of body, face, choosing the way they want to portray themselves. 
But then the angst sets in. Why has no-one liked it? Why hasn't suchabody commented?Should I delete it - it's been on 10 minutes now and not one like? Why has suchabody liked it? Weird!!!

Everyone hates me, I must be ugly......a detrimental comment can plummet self esteem, just as lots of likes and "you're looking gorgeous" can make a heart sing. 

We spend so much time boosting our children, telling them how wonderful they are, building their confidence, guiding them and helping them to deal with the sh*t that life throws at them, then they throw it all open to people who have no place or meaning in their lives.

I wonder how I would have coped in this world of networking and the access that the internet provides as a teenager? I fear not well....

Take a listen to this song - 
#SELFIE by The Chainsmokers - food for thought!
It will have you dancing too!

Hard for some young people nowadays.
How do you make your children resilient?

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