Saturday, 22 March 2014


Up early to take my Running Group to their first ever Parkrun.

Fast approaching Week 10, from getting them from walking, to jogging 
to fully fledged runner's(!) we need to ensure they continue running :-)

Parkrun is a wonderful timed run - every Saturday at 9:00am right across the UK 
(& Europe) thousands of people run together - people of all ages, sizes, ability, families, friends - its a wonderful atmosphere, very supportive & it's FREE!

& afterwards we are off to the pub for a well deserved breakfast!!

Here I am ready to go wearing my Gap Leggings which I am really impressed
 with and love the pattern! :-)

 Who else has a Parkrun nearby? Has anyone done a Parkrun?
Wishing all who drop by a wonderful weekend! :-)

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