Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford

 21 degrees in Leicester on Sunday!!!
21 degrees, come on lets get out for some sun!
We headed to Bradgate, a beautiful deer park - so did the world & his wife...
anyone who knows me knows I have a stag & deer fetish,
t'was a gift of a day :-)

Show this boy a tree....once an adventurer, always an adventurer!
 The park was once home to Lady Jane Grey - Nine Day's Queen!
Imagine surveying these surroundings daily...
 Ok, so now I am in my element, stag overdrive.....
wish I had Mr.L's mahoosive camera with me....can't be bothered carrying it!!
 Kick's self.
 Oh, just look at their faces, so sweet & innocently beautiful
 We sat & watched & took photo's for an hour :-)
Quiet contemplation, surreal, 
as the herd quietly grazed, keeping a watchful eye, when one moved they all moved....
Lunch.....& yes! A game of chess!

A wonderful end to a wonderful day.
Did you have nice weather at weekend? How did you spend your time in the sun?

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