Monday, 17 March 2014

Kiehl's Fest

A trip to the Trafford Centre at weekend to replace some must have beauty products found me at the Kiehl's counter, awe struck at the beautiful skin they all had! 

Obviously they all use the products.....I hope!!
I needed a new cleanser so decided to see what they would recommend for me. I had a skin test which showed I have normal skin with large pores.

Luckily I had gone makeupless as they wanted me to try it on my face (well, makes sense I suppose!) Lovely smelling and slightly grainy texture I decided to buy.

 So this morning before work I had a Kiehl's fest as I had been given a few samples.

  • I washed using my new Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and will report whether it's a game changer or not.
  • I applied the Ultra Facial Toner, which again felt wonderful. I am always a little suspect of toner viewing it as expensive stingy water. This was actually a thick milky substance that went on and soaked in nicely leaving my skin refreshed.
  • The Ultra Facial Cream was next, it was quite thick but I was pleasantly surprised by how little was needed and how well it soaked in. My skin felt silky soft and nourished all day (went makeupless to work too today - office day!)
  • I know I need to use some sort of eye cream - I'm at that age. The Creamy Eye Treatment is an unusual product - very sticky, you place it on your little finger's then rub them together to make a thinner slippier product (the stickiness disappears) that you can apply more easily but the texture ensures it stays where you put it!
  • Next up Creme de Corps with it's iconic status - very thick yet easy to rub in, it left my legs with a slight sheen. The scent is very subtle, too subtle for me and my skin felt no different to when I use much cheaper body moisturiser.
The lovely Kiehl's lady invited me to have a free 40 minute facial in April - hell yeah, 
I'm there. Afterwards I'm sure I will be encouraged to buy lots of wonderful  
Kiehl's facial products!!

How about you? Do you try new products?
Who's tried Kiehl's?

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