Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Day Out

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a volunteer event, organised by the organisation I work for to say a "Big Thank You" to the many volunteers who give their time freely in so many different ways.
Some of the volunteers I have worked with, a lot I hadn't - it was nice to meet so many and find out what they enjoyed about volunteering and how they came to offer their time.
A common thread was that they "fell into it by accident" which I think is very true of life, before you know it you are a "volunteer" be it on the school PTA or raising awareness around cancer.
It was the most beautiful sunny day - very fortunate as the event was held at
 Brockholes Nature Reserve.

The day consisted of a speech and thank you's, a presentation about Brockholes, a walk around the Reserve followed by a lovely lunch. Lots of the volunteers stayed afterwards to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings (Me? I had to go back to work!!)

Simple woven fencing.


One volunteer commented that this looked like a dinosaur!

Wooden walkways cross the lake to the Visitor Centre - these and the whole building are built on polystyrene which floats on the lake - Yes! Really! It's amazing to see! There's also  family-friendly hides, walking trails and a play area.
There's a lovely little  Gift Shop and a  Restaurant with floor to ceiling windows allowing stunning views across the lake. I enjoyed it so much I am planning to cycle there on Saturday - to try the cake, Mmmmm.....


The Restaurant - the roof's of all the buildings are amazing.

Wooden tiles on the roof, sustainable and eco friendly - beautiful to look at.

Last stop Ice Cream (of course!)

Looking forward to going back at weekend!


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