Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Breton Stripes

Like a lot of people I love a Breton Stripe. They have long been a fashion staple for many people, myself included.
I have always bought stripy tops from allsorts of stores but every year, probably for the last 3 years have looked at the Stripy Breton Boden Tops, picked them, put them in my basket and proceeded to then dump them (does anyone else do that? Bad trait!) 
I decided to do a quick Google of Breton and this is what I found:
Breton /ˈbrɛtən/[3] (Brezhoneg) is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany (Breton: Breizh; French: Bretagne), France.
The flag of Brittany is called the Gwenn-ha-du, pronounced [ɡwɛnaˈdyː], which means white and black in Breton.
The very first Breton Tops would have been black and white stripes like the flag of Brittany, now you can buy them in lots of wonderful colours.
Anyway, last week I decided that this should change and this time didn't dump them! I chose two; classic navy and citrus (which is actually more of a lime green).
The quality of them is amazing, I'm sure these won't go out of shape, shrink or fade like their cheaper  predecessors. Lots of people admired the citrus (lime green) one over the weekend
and my Mum said she could see they were a lovely quality!
Despite  bagging 20% discount, when my parcel arrived I had not one but two free unexpected gifts inside! The lovely French blue purse with padlock fastening and the brightly coloured floral and bird print notebook. Love a notebook - I write lists of lists! Another trait of mine!

Boden currently have a whopping 30% off dresses so get over there and grab a bargain!



  1. Love the citrus one ! Great choice...Boden is always such good quality isn't it and what great gifts too! x

    1. I haven't bought from them in a while but I'm really liking their clothes at the moment! X