Friday, 28 June 2013

PJ's On

Ok, worked late - still getting my head round my new role :-) Came home to find this had been opened by my Son - thinking it was a facial scrub!!

Not wanting to waste it I dived into the shower and began to massage - I have had it ages thinking its a straightforward salt scrub.
It is but its the most luxurious salt scrub ever and I shall be dashing out to buy a tub of the stuff *pronto*
As you start to massage the renowned orange scent releases as the scrub turns to a moisturising oil of coconut, jojoba and sweet almond - my skin is so silky smooth & I am now sat in my PJ,s at 7.30pm (a first for me) & smelling beautiful...

£11.25 for 650 grams, available from Sanctuary and Boots, where of course you can get 44 points on your card and currently if you spend over a tenner you get a free gift of the Creme Souffle, bargain I say!

It's Friiiiiiiday - I'm off to chill some more!

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