Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Owls & Stags!

Finally found a new place for the owl picture I bought in Bridgnorth :-) 

Whilst at it I also hung the Stag's head my Son bought me for Christmas - 
I know, I know - not good! 

But I kept thinking it needed to go on a dark wall - it probably does, but I had no place on a dark wall that I would see it often to admire it. What do you think?
I think I have mentioned before my love of deer & stags - so majestic. 

Talking of owl's, when my Son came home from Uni he bought me this lovely little owl box. 
Not wanting to make a fuss but  - *I love it* - I don't often get spontaneous presents - my children are both penniless Students don't you know ;-) so, it will be treasured!!


Back tomorrow to share a project!

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