Friday, 7 June 2013

Bye Bye Chickies (Sad Face)

This week has been such a MAD week! I did my Charity Event on Sunday and have been playing catch up ever since with my organisational skills ;-)

 I got a promotion at work and have been busy this week finding out my new responsibilities!!

My decorator rang on Sunday evening to say he could fit us in this week for some painting, cue clearing rooms, emptying bookcases and moving furniture (post will follow) and.... I had to say goodbye to my chickies.

I have kept chickens for the last three years or so and when I got them never thought I would grow to love them as much as I have. They really have wonderful characters!
I started off with 18 - yes! 18 babies! They came with their 'Mother' who was obviously a very broody hen as she was found sat on all these eggs which she couldn't possibly have laid!
We lost a few along the way in the early days and once fully grown found that we had more cockerel's than hens, so more had to go until eventually we were left with 9.
A couple of years ago the fox took four so we built Fort Knox! We have enjoyed the remaining 4 hens and the cockerel ever since, giving them free range of the garden when we are about.
In Fort Knox scratting around - their very favourite pastime!
Roosting on the RSJ - they would gaze at their reflections in the study window for ages like "Why are they in there and we're out here - it's not fair!"

They come to a whistle from me, necks outstretched, running so fast like little Jurassic dinosaurs! Mr.L says its cupboard love.'t!
Our cockerel is amazing - always putting himself in the line of fire for his girlies - attacked three times by dogs (actually the biggest problem for chickens).
He always allows his girls to eat before him and taps at the door with his beak if he knows I am around!!
One of the hens was also attacked really badly and my Daughter 'A' bathed her wounds and massaged and drained her lungs daily and she fully recovered.
Waiting for me to give them a treat of peas or corn at the back door! That's Miss Greedy at the front!
Plentiful eggs which I sold at work and made the yellowest pancakes EVER.
So it has been with a sad heart that I have let them go to a new home. We hope to sell our home this year and will be down sizing and am sure we won't be quite as rural as we are now.
My colleague heard me talking about rehoming and put me in touch with his neighbour who has chickens and was looking at getting some more.
We also had a really good hen house that I wanted my flock to take with them.

I felt it was better to let them go to a really good home now, than rehome them in a panic if we sell up.
So on Tuesday night they left, with their house and food for a new life. The chap was really nice and I know they will be really well looked after. 

The last few days have felt strange and oddly quiet...


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