Thursday, 6 June 2013

East Lancs Hospice

 With the help of family and friends I held a Charity Event last weekend for East Lancs Hospice, a charity very close to my heart.

On Sunday was the annual Tower Trudge walk - a 10 mile walk that comes along the bridleway outside my house.

I decided this would be a great opportunity to have a Coffee, Tea & Cake Stall, not just for the walkers but for cyclists and other people passing and family and friends who wanted to call by.

Friends and Family donated cakes or helped on what turned out to be the most glorious day. Loads of cakes and biscuits were laid out and a large water heater borrowed. We had a fabulous system with everybody working together.


How good do these Cup Cakes look?

We had entertainment, provided by my Pap and his piano accordion!

We even supplied plasters for blistered little feet - aaawww! *Too Cute*

Mountain Rescue took it in turns to call for a quick brew and slice of cake. The beautiful Springer Spaniel here is Bella - currently being trained as a Search and Rescue dog!

And horse riders stopped by to say hi - the horse is 'Flame' - absolutely gorgeous!

What was meant to finish around 2.00pm went on - last customers around 4.00pm!! Then it was BBQ time for all my lovely helpers who I am so grateful to - THANK YOU! XX
The final amount raised isn't in yet as a friend took some cakes to her art club, another to the College she works at and I took the remainder in to work.

When the bucket and collection box are opened I will let you know!


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