Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Going Retro!

Just a quickie as life continues to be mad! This weekend Mr.L & I had to pack our Son's apartment up in Leicester - he is coming home for 3 & a half months which will be the longest he's been home in 2 & a half years - YAY!

Also the hall, stairs, landing & 'A's bedroom has been decorated and the house is like carnage and driving me insane!!! Day off tomorrow to gain some organisation....it's amazing how life loses momentum when you are having work done on your home!

Anyway I thought I'd show you what I bought  in Home Bargains today - Colgate Cavity Dental Cream, in other words Retro Toothpaste!! Gotta love a bit of retro.
Really like that the tube is orange inside the red packaging - that was a surprise!

Anyway at 39p for a 75ml tube I had to buy three! & no worries the ingredients aren't retro - the paste contains the current formula in replica packaging from 1908!

Back soon with some photo's of the newly decorated rooms!


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