Sunday, 30 June 2013


Today was my last big training ride ready for my first ever cycling holiday which starts next Saturday. 
I did around 26 miles(forgot to start my Strava until 5 miles in, bugger!) to the beautiful Dunsop Bridge where a big chocolate cake was waiting, yum. 
It's honestly what keeps me going sometimes!!

On Saturday I shall be setting off for a tour of the Yorkshire Wolds with 13 friends. 
We shall be covering around 25 miles a day with some of the chaps going off to do 80 - 100 miles absolutely.crackers.all.of.them. 
We shall then recover in a nice Hotel, B & B or for 1 of the nights a Youth Hostel. 
Some much needed luxury, but more than the achievement for me, shall be the time spent with good friends sharing, laughing, eating good food and supporting each other through the tough bits when needed.
 I am beyond excited :-)

Of course I will blog when I can as we go along.
Plans for this week include running tomorrow and a last short cycle ride on Wednesday & then .............way to go!!

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  1. You are doing great with the cycling. Yorkshire will be an adventure for you!