Friday, 21 June 2013

Pick & Mix

That was the name of the Final Show for Art & Design Students on the course that 'A' will be starting in September.

The awarding body for the course is  UAL (Universities of the Arts London) & last night was great as we got to see the work of so many talented people. 

At last I feel my Daughter is following her heart - she was so at ease in her surroundings, chatting happily with the young designers and artists.

I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped, but hope you like what I chose to feature :-)

 These paper animals were amazing - the young lady who designed them spent weeks - not hours - doing all the cutting and feathering. I don't think the photos do them justice as they were WOW!

Just look closely at the feathers...a.m.a.z.e

  This butterfly installation was everywhere you looked....& so pretty.

 Tattoo Art - now this was something else! The young artist delivered his final piece live!! How talented is he? Who else thinks of  tattoo's as art?

There were three young men with sleeves of tattoos, all different but all equally amazing. I took a number of photographs and wish I could remember whose was whose!!

Recognise anyone?

I love tattoos that are done well, with fine detail, shading, slim outlines and time taken to produce something exquisite and personal, not an elephant that looks like a tracing done with a crayon. 

The young man below is another tattoo artist and I was fascinated and wanted to know why he had taken the decision to have his face tattooed. 

The tattoo is on both sides, like a block beard. He is a walking advertisement for his trade.
He was happy to chat whilst 'A' squirmed saying "Mum! You can't say that!"

Anyway he's a handsome chap who carries it off well ;-)

Paper dresses anyone?

Crazy what you can do with sheet music! 

& this I just loved *sigh*

Blown away...these beautifully decorated women's torso's - I think they are representing pregnancy from the way the hand rests just below the stomach, such delicate work.

 We watched the Fashion Show - I really liked the pieces by the talented designer below, unfortunately I didn't manage to get pictures of the two dresses that completed his capsule. I liked his pieces as they were different but wearable too.

  Fabulous pants :-)

 If I could choose one item for myself it would have to be the torso with the butterflies, it says so much. What would you choose?

 I am so excited for 'A' to experience time in the company of other creative people & hope to share as she goes!


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