Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Picadilly Station

That's where I'm heading later tonight to collect my Son, home from Uni - Yay!
It's also how it feels around here at the moment, I'm juggling many balls, as many women do.
I got home a little late tonight so had to walk Olly and throw a quick meal together, cue Pasta in a tomato sauce, quick, cheap and easy with fresh tomatoes, tuna and passata.
Energy replenishing food!

Mmmmmm, cheese on top!

 I eventually sat down with a nice cold glass of this!
 Opened my mail and found this!
I am beyond excited for the Wedding next year of our friends Kris & Leanne.
They are just the best and how cool are their magnet Save The Date notes?
 Love them - Leanne is a talented designer & Kris quirky so I imagine this Wedding is going to be a little different!!! For a start it is Cowboy & Indian themed!

Day off tomorrow - only 13 things on my to do list! ;-)


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